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        Feel Good
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Feel Good


Repair body and mind

Hydrotherapy, the combination of warm water, buoyancy and message, has long been known for it's healing power.  Catalina Spas harness its magic to caress away stress and help ease the pain of strains and muscle related injuries.  Even long-term problems such as rheumatism and arthritis often respond to its gentle touch.


Comfort and support

Are you sitting comfortably? Absolutely.  With Catalina Spas ergonomically moulded interiors you'll be fully supported in all the right places.


Hydrotherapy meets aromatherapy

For a complete sensory experience you can add aromatherapy essences, to work on your mind while the water works on your body.  these evocative aromas can change your mood by sharpening your senses or creating feeling of calmness.

There's an art to making you     feel good


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